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Upwis develops low power wireless sensors and routers connected to Internet, communication solutions and cloud storage solutions. We customise data from our own sensors together with other sources and custom fit user presentations for different applications within many different markets:

  • Smart Cities – sustainable environment, secured society, environmental control, traffic flow control,
  • Smart Grid – energy network control, load balancing, small cooperating energy suppliers,
  • Smart factories- resource thin automation
  • Intelligent vehicles, proactive ”wear aware” maintenance, security functions, anticollision, transportation
  • Health care, home care, remote surveillance and sensors
  • Cooperating society, personal sensors, interactive systems
  • Security solutions, sensing and securing alarm and lock solutions, positioning
  • Smart buildings, homes – energy, comfort, alert and security solutions

We develop the hardware in our own lab and manufacture products in Sweden or Asia depending upon application and customer demands. The software is developed using well known standards, such as Contiki, 6LowPan, http, coap and standard internet protocol. Databases are using MySQl and HTML5 APIs.

Products that not is available as standard components are custom designed in projects for best customer values, we can provide many solutions as a OEM/ODM supplier. This may provide you a rapid path to new products and solutions, enabling you valuable solutions to capture new market shares or open up new markets.

We can give you international manufacturing support, development of new technology applications and additions or adoptions to existing systems.